Q: How do I get supplies in Rutland?

A: We suggest bringing everything that is crucial to your art-making. The area does not offer much in terms of quality art supplies. There are a couple big box craft stores nearby. 


Q: What equipment will be in my studio?

A: The studios are furnished with worktables and chairs.


Q: What does 77Art supply in terms of living necessities? 


Basic Kitchen essentials: seasonings, cooking oils, coffee for the first few days

Bathroom essentials: hand soap, laundry detergent

Linens: sheets, pillows, blankets, towels


Q: Will I need a car? 

A: No, but if you have one it would come in handy. Amtrak has a station within walking distance of the studios and apartments. And the 77 facility is walkable to downtown where you can get most necessities. However, public transportation in the area is limited. If you intend to make frequent use of The Mint then a car is desirable since it is not within walking distance. 


Q: Can my partner or friend visit me and stay in the residence?

A: Yes, but please limit their stay to 2 nights. No extended stays 


Q: Can 77Art accommodate me and my dependent child? 

A: We hope to accommodate as many of our artist’s needs as possible. As of now we are not set up to accommodate an artist with a dependent child, however we are willing to look into accommodations should the need arise. 


Q: Can I bring my pet to the residency? 

A: 77Art can only accommodate service and emotional support animals. 


Q: I’m coming from abroad, can 77Art offer any help with travel cost? 

A: No, 77Art does not currently have funding to help artists with the cost of travel. 


Q: Is there a place where I can do my laundry? 

A: The residence at 77Art does not have in-unit laundry however there is a laundromat